Replicape 3D Printer Controller


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Replicape is a cape for your BeagleBone Black. Together they make the cleverest brain your 3D printer can have. Hardware and software customizable.


  • Revision B
  • Leverages the 1GHz CPU and Programmable Realtime Units (PRU) of the BeagleBone
  • Full Linux distribution available with necessary software pre-installed - completely customizable
  • 12-24v operation
  • 6 inputs that can be configured for endstops, servos and sensors
  • 5 Trinamic TMC2100 stepper drivers
  • 3 High Power MOSFETs
  • 3 Analog ports for thermistors
  • 1 Dallas 1W temperature sensor bus
  • Up to 256x microstepping
  • Control over a network, from USB or even with a display you can purchase and add
  • Open Source Software, Open Source Hardware
  • Genuine thing-printer product