Mini RAMBo Printer Controller

Mini RAMBo v1.0 Printer Controller

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The Mini RAMBo is the small, compact and economical cousin of the RAMBo series of controller boards. Well-supported with a variety of available firmware. Ideal for single-extruder, compact and low-cost designs.
Smaller overall footprint but still packed with great features.


  • RepRap Arduino Mega compatible motherboard
  • 12-24v operation
  • 4 firmware configurable stepper motor drivers
  • 4 switched outputs
  • 2 connectors for Z axis motors for common reprap dual-z motor designs
  • Mechanical endstop wiring harness, connectors and switches included
  • USB cable included
  • Designed for compatibility with RAMPS firmwares
  • Single board, all-in-one controller
  • Open Hardware
  • Genuine UltiMachine product
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