Hexagon LulzBot Edition 3mm Hot End Kit

Hexagon AO Edition 3mm Kit

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Co-developed by RepRapDiscount and Aleph Objects, Inc, this version of the excellent Hexagon hot end includes extended features that make it easy to assemble and easy to use.


  • 0.5mm nozzle, for use with 3mm filament
  • 12 volt, 25 watt heater cartridge
  • Thermistor - Semitic 100K (type #5 in Marlin)
  • Groovemount plate
  • 40mm fan
  • Cooling fan
  • Allen key
  • 4mm assembly wrench
  • Retention plate for heater cartridge and thermistor
  • M6 Bowden adapter
  • Thermistor extension cable
This product is an unassembled tool end capable of reaching very high temperatures causing fires and serious injury. Safety is the user's responsibility.

TamarinTech is a reseller of this genuine item and is not affiliated with Aleph Objects, Inc., owners of the LulzBot trademark.
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