3D Printing Dictionary


US based producer of premium ABS and PLA filaments.


Etcher is a tool created by Resin.io to quicly and easily write images to storage devices like SD cards or thumb drives.


A 3D printed part can be finished to increase aesthetic qualities. Finishing may involve healing parts of the print with a heat tool, sanding or placing printed parts in a vapor bath.

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Vapor bath

Heater resistor

An electrical component designed to produce controlled heat when electricity is applied to it. Heat resistors are still very popular with many systems moving to heater cartridges.


A full Debian based image for the BeagleBoard computer for use with Replicape. Includes all software necessary to run a 3D printer including Redeem and Toggle.

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Replicape Redeem Toggle


NEMA 23 is a standard size and mounting plate for stepper motors. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) designates NEMA 23 as an electric motor with a 2.3x2.3 inch faceplate.

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Open Hardware

The designs and necessary components of a project or product are accessible and redistributable. Like open source software, open hardware is available to use and innovate with. Some restrictions apply depending on the license used by the project.

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Open source


Polylactic Acid or Polylactate. A very common, eco-friendly, low-warp and mostly odorless filament created from plants.

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T-glase is a polymer plastic from Taulman 3D. T-glase is mostly transparent and has the same qualities as PET.

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3d printing materials


A Tennessee based 3D printer supply company. Ultimachine offers a variety of products and produces the RAMBo 3D printer controllers.

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