3D Printing Dictionary

3D model

A digital file containing data that represents an object in three dimensions. There are many 3D formats including container formats that include skeleton rigging, animations, textures and other assets included with the 3D model. STL is the most popular format for CAD, CAM and 3D printing.

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Stl Amf Blender Openscad

Additive manufacturing

The process of manufacturing an object by adding material to it layer-by-layer. There are additive manufacturing processes for many materials including metals and plastics. FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) is a type of additive manufacturing.

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Fused filament fabrication


AstroPrint, a Kickstarter(tm) project, is a free and open source project to bring wireless management and remote monitoring to your printer. A Cloud Slicer, Remote Monitor and other services are available from their web site.


High Impact Polystyrene. HIPS is most commonly used as a support material and can be easily dissolved in limonene. HIPS is also used as a primary print material and is known to warp less than ABS.

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Hobbed Gear

Hobbing is cutting successive grooves into material to create, for example, gears. A hobbed gear is a standard gear (usually mk7 or mk8 style gears) with hobbing cut into it to be used as a driving mechanism for filament.

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Hobbed bolt


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). The NEMA maintains manufacturing standards for electrical equipment.

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Nema 23 Nema 17


A pure-python host software for 3D printers. Printrun includes pronterface (a UI), pronsole (allows for console control) and printcore (a reusable library).

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Print host


A person who is a Python enthusiast or Python programmer.


When printing an object a raft is sometimes used to improve the adhsion of the object to the printer bed. Rafts can also be used to compensate for uneven print surfaces. When printing with supports a raft can be useful to stabilize the model and supports.

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Skirt Brim


RepRap Arduino Mega Pololu Shield. A 3D printer controller built around an ATMega microprocessor and Pololu Stepper Drivers.

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