3D Printing Dictionary

3D printing

Creating a physical object from a 3D model. 3D Printing technologies include many different methods of creating objects with FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) currently being the most popular for residential hobbyists and consumers.

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Fff Fdm Sla Additive manufacturing

4D Printing

A term used for the next-dimension in 3D printing. 4D models are 3D models that have articulation and have been produced in a single print. 4D printing may produce a model that can be folded, spun or otherwise manipulated without any additional assembly after being printed.

Additive manufacturing

The process of manufacturing an object by adding material to it layer-by-layer. There are additive manufacturing processes for many materials including metals and plastics. FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) is a type of additive manufacturing.

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Fused filament fabrication

Gcode file

A file produced that includes instructions for the 3D printer. When printing similar parts repeatedly it is often desirable to slice them into gcode once and then repeat sending the gcode to the printer. This avoids any inconsistency in the printed parts.

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Hobbed Gear

Hobbing is cutting successive grooves into material to create, for example, gears. A hobbed gear is a standard gear (usually mk7 or mk8 style gears) with hobbing cut into it to be used as a driving mechanism for filament.

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Hobbed bolt

Open Hardware

The designs and necessary components of a project or product are accessible and redistributable. Like open source software, open hardware is available to use and innovate with. Some restrictions apply depending on the license used by the project.

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Open source


Polyethylene Terephthalate. PET is a lightweight and mostly transparent material. PET plastics are often used for food containers, although you should avoid storing consumable items in 3D printed containers.

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3d printing materials

Print host

A print host sends control codes to a printer to complete a print. Some printers include print hosts that can use SD cards or file transfers. Most printers require a separate print host.

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Octoprint Marlin Printrun


The UI component of printrun

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Stereolithography. A method of producing parts from a liquid resin cured into a solid. The plastic resin is usually cured to a solid by a high-energy ultraviolet light. Further hardening of the object can be achieved by exposure to ultraviolet light.