3D Printing Dictionary

3D printer

A device capable of producing an object from digital data (a 3D Model).

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Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. A common plastic used in 3D printing as well as many toys and household objects. Printing with this material may lead beginning printers to experience part warping and parts not sticking to the bed. A heated print platform or chamber is recommended. ABS can be dissolved in acetone.

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3d printing materials

Additive manufacturing

The process of manufacturing an object by adding material to it layer-by-layer. There are additive manufacturing processes for many materials including metals and plastics. FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) is a type of additive manufacturing.

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Fused filament fabrication

Heater cartridge

A cartridge designed to produce heat from electrical energy. Heater cartridges fit inside of the heat block of the hot end in an FFF printer. Heat is controlled by electronics via feedback from the thermistor.


NEMA 17 is a standard size and mounting plate for stepper motors. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) designates NEMA 17 as an electric motor with a 1.7x1.7 inch faceplate.

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An open source web interface for 3D printers. OctoPrint also functions as a dedicated print host for a printer allowing the printer user to queue up jobs and leave OctoPrint to manage them.

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Print host


Polycarbonate is a very strong material used in 3D printing. Polycarbonate must be kept very dry.

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3d printing materials


A python library of RepRap related functions. Part of the printrun project.

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Print host Reprap Printrun


A software program that reduces a 3D model into 'slices' suitable for turning into instructions for the 3D printer.

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Slic3r Curaengine


A very young open source front-end for Replicape powered 3D printers. Toggle includes a rich UI and runs natively from Replicape.

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