3D Printing Dictionary

3D printer

A device capable of producing an object from digital data (a 3D Model).

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A XML based file format originated by Microsoft for use in additive manufacturing. 3MF features a document tree for including human-readable assets and common file formats.

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Stl Amf Additive manufacturing

Bed Leveling

When printing with an FFF printer having a level bed is absolutely critical to the quality of the first few layers of the part.

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Abl Raft

Acetone gluing

Applying acetone to ABS causes the ABS to melt. This effect can be used to 'glue' ABS parts together.


AstroPrint, a Kickstarter(tm) project, is a free and open source project to bring wireless management and remote monitoring to your printer. A Cloud Slicer, Remote Monitor and other services are available from their web site.

Heat block

The heat block is the part of the hot end in an FFF printer that holds a heater cartridge (or resistor) and thermistor. The heat block houses the nozzle and is responsible for keeping the plastic at a consistent temperature for extruding.

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Hot end Heat break

Print host

A print host sends control codes to a printer to complete a print. Some printers include print hosts that can use SD cards or file transfers. Most printers require a separate print host.

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Octoprint Marlin Printrun


A python library of RepRap related functions. Part of the printrun project.

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Print host Reprap Printrun


Open source 3D printer cape created for the BeagleBone Black. Replicape leverages the full power of the BeagleBone and allows a user full access to the underlying Linux OS.

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Beaglebone Toggle Redeem Kamikaze Printer controller


A Tennessee based 3D printer supply company. Ultimachine offers a variety of products and produces the RAMBo 3D printer controllers.

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Rambo Ramps