The TamarinTech model-viewer

The TamarinTech Model Viewer is now available on github. Our goal was to create a 3D model viewer that anyone could use to feature 3D models on their site.

A demo is available here.

See the GitHub link for instructions on how to use the model viewer with your site.

Have fun!


  • Polymer project available on github and from bower for easy portability and integration
  • Uses much of the standard three.js library
  • STL, JSON, AMF and Protocol Buffers supported
  • User configurable colors (grid, clear/background, model)
  • Complete model-viewer-container element provides a fully featured page layout with Creative Commons licensing support
  • 100% JavaScript and HTML in Polymer elements - 100% hackable :)
  • Open source licensed community project

The example below is using a model from NASA's 3D Printable Model repository of the Hubble Space Telescope (source link). You can actually print and build this model yourself!

If you view the source to this page you'll find a single tag. That's all you need to get started with displaying models on your page.

NEW feature - AMF and multimaterial support

AMF with multi-material loading is in the latest developmental version.

Please note that this is currently only a preview and the controls may not work as expected yet. :)

Update: Multi-object controls are in.

Update: The AMFLoader has been rewritten!

The example below is the complex drill parts example by Scott Davidson (Rhinoceros 3D) downloaded from AMF's examples

You can test out exporting individual parts in our latest update.

What do you think? Let us know on the contact form or via github!

Note that this is a very large and complex AMF that may take quite a while to load on your computer.

You might notice the parts are quite far from the grid - the offsets are the original offsets from the AMF. :)