The New Manga Screen 2 Announced

View of Etcher's main application window
Image: The Manga Scren 2 via Elias Bakken
The super slick high resolution touch screen for your projects

If you haven't yet heard, the Manga Screen 2 was announced by Elias over at thing-printer in a new Kickstarter Campaign. We can't wait to get our hands on this mighty little display!

Dozens of awesome projects have been created with the original Manga Screen. The new version has two sizes, 5.9 inch and 4.8 inch, with standard HDMI and USB adapters. The resolution is a beautiful 1080p, with the smaller version being 720p, so your project is going to look great whether you're using it for Toggle, the super slick touch screen display for your 3D printer, or maybe even your favorite emulator project. The Kickstarter Campaign includes images and videos of projects to give you some ideas. You will also find additional impressive specs for both editions of the Manga Screen 2 there and a great explanation on what makes this project so unique.

At the time we created this article the campaign was about a third of the way to full funding. We're certainly eyeing a few of the unpatient rewards with the full expectation that the project will be a smash - just like the original Manga Screen.

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