About TamarinTech


Content and services from tamarintech.com are provided by Tamarin Technology LLC.

Mission (of a tiny monkey)

Function as a reliable source of information that helps enable users to be creative with new technologies. TamarinTech will provide tutorials, products and news to achieve a quality experience for users trying to leverage technology to achieve a goal.

Our plan

From the latest in microcontrollers to the exciting advances in desktop additive manufacturing we want to be a reliable source of information to help users with reaching their goals.

TamarinTech is dedicated to providing a learning environment with a focus on open source and accessible technologies. We wish to share as much as we can with a focus on:

  • New innovative products
  • Companies dedicated to open initiatives
  • Source code, project files and assets
  • Accessible, free software and related techniques

The primary goal is to help enable users to create, learn, innovate and contribute.

Contact Us

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